1. Use Unity3D engine to complete the development, performance analysis and optimization of visual interactive software on PC, Android, IOS and other platforms.

2. Familiar with the collaborative use of AR, VR, MR, Kinect, leap motion and other somatosensory interactive devices with unity3d, and able to independently complete demo design and production.

3. Be responsible for the design and implementation of each functional module in the software development process according to the requirements.

4. Be able to skillfully use the development and expansion of various plug-ins and editors related to Unity3D.

5. Be familiar with unity’s material system and lighting system, make relevant shader, particle effect and animation system, and grasp the output quality to improve the visual effect of the product.

6. Be able to skillfully use and master the collaboration process of various design software such as PS, 3dsmax, Maya and unity.

Job requirements:

1. Provide 3D visualization technical support for simulation project construction.

2. Develop VR, AR and WEBGEL requirements independently based on Unity or UE4 engine.

3. Use 3D engine to design and develop virtual reality 3D programs, implement business logic and interface applications, integrate functional modules of various parts, and develop corresponding interactive functional modules.

4. Coordinate with the project requirements to adjust and optimize the late synthesis; and according to the progress Complete work tasks on time and with good quality.

5. Be familiar with basic physical algorithms related to unity.

6. Be responsible for unity related 3D engine development, scene integration, interaction and related logic function development;

7. Familiar with Unity3D engine architecture design, Unity3D NGUI and other plug-ins, UI frameworks, Unity3d API documents, and Unity native UGUI

8. Proficient in C # and JavaScript programming languages, able to quickly familiarize with and use unity3d related plug-ins.

9. Be familiar with the network protocol and master the network communication programming under Unity

10. Have a certain understanding of U3D engine features, adaptation, resource management and software performance optimization

11. Be familiar with the interaction between unity3d software and hardware and background data;

12. Have the ability and experience to analyze and optimize the efficiency of large-scale 3D scenes

13. Experience in game or virtual reality development is preferred.

14.English can be used as a working language



UI Frameworks
3D Unity
3D Visualization