The job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Checking Invoices & Employees Expense Reports before submitting to the relevant team
  • Required to see that 3rd party invoices GR is equal to invoice processed (i.e. to check expense/asset GL)
  • Clearing AKPP on daily basis – seeing ICC and other vendor payments
  • Helping in BRS
  • Preparing Weekly & Monthly Income & Sales Tax Withholding Sheets
  • Maintaining accurate and complete financial records i.e. filing of records
  • Preparing Employees’ Tax Certificates
  • Preparing EOBI monthly contribution sheets
  • Arranging & Preparing Prior Years Tax data for compliances/Tax Audits/Refund Applications etc.
  • Collaborating with AP team to prepare set of documents for ICC/Foreign payments



Vendor Payments,  Tax Knowledge,  Expense Management,  Accounting