Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan is looking for a seasoned and dynamic Security Manager for its Support & Facility Management Department.

The Security Manager will be responsible of security management systems, incident response, investigations, office security systems, travel risk programs and creating safety & security protocols and procedures. The incumbent should have excellent contacts in security industry, especially with law enforcement authorities accompanied with excellent surveillance and emergency response skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designing the strategy to achieve the security objectives in alignment with the top management and organizational set up in terms of process, resources and SOPs.
  • Coordinating with local enforcement agencies for support and risk level alerts and information.
  • Ensuring CCTV, surveillance, squads, risk alerts mechanisms and crisis management SOPs are in place.
  • Ensuring that security team/guards are well equipped and well trained.
  • Keeping a close watch on area’s security situation and public security alerts and modifying own arrangements accordingly.
  • Placing risk metrics and assessment mechanism for tracking performance.
  • Documenting and keeping record of critical incident reports and using them for devising next strategy.
  • Conducting periodic trainings and refreshers for personal safety, HSE, Fire drill, first aid and crisis management.
  • Documenting and updating SOPs for security protocols and circulate in the organization.
  • Engaging external (e.g. customers, suppliers, relevant authorities and other stakeholders) and internal stakeholders in order to report on raise awareness and gain commitment on security efforts and performance and obtain objective feedback.
  • Cooperating with other functions and business partners to improve security measures.
  • Stating the annual budget requirement by analyzing the current resources and security requirements, making a forecast.
  • Proposing required structural changes and new initiatives in order to strengthen security function.

AKHS is committed to reducing our impact on climate and the environment and have set ourselves the goal of striving for net-zero carbon operations by 2030. All staff is expected to take part in making this a reality. The Security Manager is expected to identify and understand which aspects of his/her work have most impact on the environment, and define tasks, work, and personal goals within his/her work plan to reduce these impacts and bring AKHS closer to net zero.



Excellent Communication Skills
Analytical Skills
Outsource Security Management