Job Responsibilities:

1. On the basis of the company’s standard products, complete the design and development of customized functions according to project and business requirements;

2. Participate in project server platform deployment, security strategy, operation management and other work, and prepare relevant technical documents;

3. Solve the technical problems encountered in the development process;

4. Assist testers to complete software system testing, locate and repair program defects, optimize and improve program execution efficiency

5. Cooperate with the technical director to complete relevant tasks and objectives.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related majors

2. More than 3 years of experience in Java development

3. in-depth understanding of design patterns, familiar with common data structures and algorithms;

4. Familiar with io, multithreading, collection and other basic frameworks, familiar with distributed architecture, cache, message and other mechanisms, experience in distributed system development and design, proficient in SpringBoot, JPA/MyBatis, etc., familiar with multithreaded programming

5. Familiar with MySQL database, redis development and optimization, familiar with Linux common instructions, familiar with Nginx configuration

6. Proficient in Java development language, rigorous programming style, good development habits such as code writing, annotation and unit testing, and experience in micro-service development;

7. Have good communication skills, like to study new technologies, be practical and dedicated, have a good sense of teamwork and communication skills, and have a good team spirit.



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