Inflatable Kayaking Dinghy Fishing Boat Set, 5 Person Boat with 2 Oars Inflator Dinghy Pump

Maximum Weight 500kg

Water Sports Boats,

Polymer Material

Advantages: Independent air chamber design, thickened hull stability and pressure resistance,

inflatable air exhaust fast and safe,

larger size and more comfortable.

Material: It is made of environmentally friendly PVC material,

no odor,

durable anti-sun,


anti-aging and durable.

Specifications: 129″ x 57″ x 19″ (328 cm x 145 cm x 48 cm)Capacity 4 person max weght 500KG

Portable: This product is foldable, lightweight and portable, Rotational oar locks, grab robe & motor mount,to accompany you in all kinds of water sports.

Applicable: This product is ideal for lakes,fishing and coasts,making your water sports safe and comfortable.

Hull material: environmentally friendly PVC

Air pump

Yes Paddle:

there is Maximum number of passengers: 5 (person) Maximum load capacity: 500 (kg) Specifications: 328*145*48CM (cm) Material: clip thick mesh plus cloth PVC Hardened the bottom of the ship, hardened the ship’s edge, plus hard keel

Features: – The inflatable keel improves the controllability of the ship, makes it easier to operate, and increases the speed of the stroke; it is beneficial to improve the effective function of the motor of the outboard motor and the electric propeller.

– It is easy to get on the ship after a week of safety ropes to prevent slipping out of the water;

– Anti-contact reefs wrap around the ship for a week, effectively protecting the perimeter of the ship and extending its service life;

– Comfortable and sturdy plastic floor in the cabin for easy folding and comfortable ride. – A spacious seating environment for 4-6 people!

Package accessories:

Fishing rod fixed socket*1

Ship rope fixing port*1

Hull Boston valve*1

Spliced ​​paddle lock*1

MARINER 4 sailor professional 4-person boat*1

The hull is a strong mesh tape*1

Bow bow handle*1


Stern battery storage bag*1

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