1.Remind customers with overdue loans by phone, urge and guide them to pay on time

2.Communicate with customers about compliance and inform customers of refund amount, method, time and other related information.

3.Keep a record of customer information in our system in time, update and supplement customer information in a timely manner to ensure the validity and accuracy of information.

4.Follow supervisor’s instructions to achieve individual and team performance goals.


1.Age 18-35 years old, high school/middle school or above is required

2. Good communication and coordination skills.

3.Positive, with good professional ethics and team spirit.

Salary per month

Basic salary of 25K PKR + bonus + incentives 0~20 PKR (25K PKR as basic salary+0~20K PKR as incentives(the average level is 10K, and in the first month we garantee with 5k incentives for you.))

One promotion opportunity per quarter and 4 salary increase opportunities per year

Payment(Twice a month)

On day 20: basic salary from days 1-15;

On day 5: basic salary from days 16-31 + incentives of the past month;

Working hours

6 days each week according to company schedule, 9:00-18:30, and 1.5 hours for lunch.

We rest 1 day each week, and they are rolled


Home office



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