Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for handling the external relations of the enterprise, establishing friendly relations with government agencies, financial institutions and media.

2. Responsible for planning and formulating the public relations activities of the enterprise, improving the reputation of the enterprise, and expanding the sales of enterprise products.

3. Formulate corporate public relations norms and improve the public relations capabilities of public relations personnel.

4. Establish long-term contacts with external relations.

On holidays or anniversaries, the teacher will contact the other company and department personnel and send souvenirs and small gifts.

5. Send some major activities or project information of the company to relevant external personnel, so that they can understand the latest situation of the company.

6. Responsible for the compilation, printing and publicity of corporate promotional materials and product promotional materials, and obtain external relations Help and support.

7. Responsible for public relations training for the employees of the company to improve public relations capabilities.

8. Establish a public relations external personnel information database, so that they can check the relevant personnel in a timely manner.

Experience: 3 years

Working Hours: 8am-5:30pm

Salary: 70k-200K



Public Relationship Management
Marketing Strtergiers
Training Coordination