BMW imported by Dewan,
and throughout
maintained by Dewan
You can get all its maintenance history from Dewan motors by giving them car number.
Model 2007
Registered & Import 2008
Imported for Warid CEO and number is 321
No malfunction, (not a single error)
Brand new Tires Installed
Engine, Suspension Body 100%
Ceramic coating recently done
Tiers brand new installed
Glass coating done
Black leather & wooden Interior
Stat Vehicle Inspection Ok
Stat Exhaust Inspection Ok
Engine Oil recently Changed and will be changed after 6000km
Brake fluid Ok
Front brake pads will be inspected after 7000km
No need of vehicle inspection for next 30000 km
Microfilter ok for next 41000km
Rear brake pads ok for next 48000 km
Spark plugs ok for next 80000 km
A perfect Car MashaALLAH


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