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Zuckerberg Apologises to EU Lawmakers Over Data Leak on Facebook

BRUSSELS: Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg apologised to European Union lawmakers on Tuesday for a massive data leak, in his latest attempt to draw a line under a scandal that has rocked the world’s biggest social media network. Zuckerberg agreed to meet leaders of the European Parliament to answer questions about how political consultancy Cambridge Analytica […]

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Wall Street is Officially Hip To Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Trading

For almost 10 years, Wall Street’s opinion of the premier cryptocurrency has ranged from general indifference to outright condemnation. Now, a number of bigwigs in the U.S. finance sector are launching bitcoin initiatives — a clear sign they recognize the cryptocurrency as a player worthy of attention in the game of global finance. On Monday, the New […]

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Is Apple responsible for spreading tech addiction

There are many accusations against Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon and others for their addictive effects on our brains and culture. Most of the discourse is about how evil tech companies are (covertly) peddling addictive products/services that are destroying our minds, our society and our relationships. I’ve been frequently quoted in this dialogue as an example […]

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Government requests for Facebook user data continue to increase worldwide

Facebook continues to see increased requests for user data from governments worldwide, according to its latest transparency report. The social network first introduced the reports, which give raw figures on data requests and data granted, in 2013 to help increase visibility on government behavior. Facebook is limited on what information it can share, but sheer […]

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Web Companies are Offering to Pay Their Employees’ Salaries in Bitcoin

GMO Internet, a Japanese web hosting company, has just offered to pay a portion of their employees’ salaries in bitcoin. The shift is entirely optional, and the company is offering a range of entry points into the initiative. Starting in February, some workers will have the option of receiving as little as 10,000 yen (around […]

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