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“Game of Thrones” in Apple’s most downloaded list for 2017

GOT in top apple downloads
Apple Releases 2017 most downloaded list of Top Movies, TV Shows, Music, Apps. Image Credit @ lospochocleros

Over the past several years, tech year-end lists have become as much of an annual tradition as Twilight Zone marathons and going to a bar to get away from the family on Christmas Eve. Apple dropped its big list today and surprise, there aren’t really too many surprises here — though it’s a useful reminder that, at least so far as entertainment is concerned, 2017 wasn’t a complete dumpster fire.

Apple unveiled its downloaded list ranking the most popular movies, TV shows, music, apps, books and podcasts in the U.S. for 2017 — with both new and familiar faces in the world of media and entertainment.

Among TV shows — Game of Thrones, obviously is on top in Apple downloaded list for 2017. Although The Walking Dead is up there as well, along with a couple of new shows, including Big Little Lies, This is Us, Victoria and The Americans. NPR interview stalwart Fresh Air held strong as the top podcast, and The Handmaid’s Tale took top honors on the book list, courtesy of a Hulu adaptation and general societal dystopia.

Here is the list of Top Ten Apple downloaded TV Shows in 2017.

1. “Game of Thrones
2. “The Walking Dead”
3. “The Big Bang Theory”
4. “Rick and Morty”
5. “The Americans”
6. “Suits”
7. “PAW Patrol”
8. “This Is Us”
9. “Modern Family”
10. “Grey’s Anatomy”

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