Famous Pakistan Showbiz Actress Sarah Khan says that it is better for women to prepare their kids well rather than “Aurat March”.

Sarah Khan

At the point when talks about feminism in an interview, Sarah Khan said, “I believe in gender equality. I’m not saying that women ought to be given higher status. I am trying to say that women ought to be given equivalent status.”. Allah Almighty has set people similarly situated and doesn’t attempt to transform it.

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan additionally said that Allah Almighty has made women solid. Why do we say over and over that women is strong and she ought to be paid equivalent to man. I figure women should battle or aurat march Better to prepare their kids well.

Sarah Khan

She also said that Allah Almighty has given a special place to women, I consider men as good, they should have the same rights and happiness as women.

Here is the Interview:


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