Deputy Chairman of Senate Saleem Mandviwalla. Photo: File/Geo.tv

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Chairperson of Senate Saleem Mandviwalla on Friday said that the chairperson of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is also a civil servant, therefore, the Senate and the National Assembly can summon him.

According to a report by Geo News,  he added that both the Senate and the National Assembly have the authority to summon anyone regardless of the institution they belong to. 

Mandviwalla added he has never seen anyone refusing to appear before the Senate or the National Assembly whenever they were summoned.

“Summoning NAB personnel before the Senate is not unprecedented as several people had been called in the past as well and they fully complied,” he said. “We never had to summon the NAB chairperson before but the director-general of the bureau has been summoned before.

He added that it is “impossible that the committee summons NAB chairperson and he refuses to show up.”

Mandviwalla also said that if the NAB chairperson refused to appear before the Senate committee, then there are other ways to deal with the situation.

A few days ago, Saleem Mandviwalla had said that NAB was involved in some human rights violations, adding that the bureau “kills people and drops off their bodies at hospitals”.

“NAB accuses everyone of being thieves and robbers”, he said, asking: “How dare it level such allegations against people?

“Women call [the Senate] and narrate what the NAB has done to them and their families. This institution is killing people and, when they die, it leaves their bodies in the hospital.


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