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Mysterious Karachi explosion leaves two injured with splinters


KARACHI: A strange Napier Road explosion eventuating late into Friday has reportedly injured two people according to the rescue sources, ARY News reported.

According to the details on the development, a mysterious explosion has injured one Babar and Daniyal, rescue personnel taking to the event told media.
The injured sustained chest and neck wounds due to splinters ricocheting as the mysterious explosion went off.

At the time of explosion, the wounded were keeping themselves warm lighting bonfire, the Senior Superintendent of City district said. He added the probe in underway to make out what caused the explosion and whether it was an accident.

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Separately earlier yesterday, in a petrifying happening to have taken place, a woman has allegedly killed a four-year-old stepson by setting him on fire.

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The federal capital police said she is in the custody now and has confessed to committing the horrendous crime which claimed her minor stepson’s life immediately.

According to the police report, the four-year-old conceded fatal burns and died immediately, however, the woman who set the minor on fire has not yet divulged the motive behind her horrific act.




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