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Aamna Ilyas on her life partner


Pakistan’s top model and actress Aamna Ilyas says that “she is no longer single or single. Because she has chosen a life partner”.

Aamna Ilyas

Aamna Ilyas held a question and answer session with fans. On Instagram in which she answered the questions of the fans.

Aamna Ilyas

Responding to fans, she revealed that she is no longer single but has chosen a life partner.

Aamna Ilyas

On Instagram, Aamna’s fans asked her if she liked anyone, but the actress said yes and the person she likes is named Dawar Mahmood.

Aamna Ilyas
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In response to Aamna, another question was asked whether you are still single or not or have chosen a life partner, to which the actress said that she has chosen life partner.

Aamna Ilyas

Earlier, Aamna had denied the news of her marriage to actor Dawar Mahmood.

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