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Pakistan Navy assumes command of multinational anti-piracy task force


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Navy on Thursday assumed command of a multinational anti-piracy task force operating in the Indian Ocean region.

The command of the Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) was handed over to Pakistan Navy in an impressive ceremony held at the Central Command Headquarters, Bahrain. The ceremony was attended by various diplomats and military dignitaries, including the ambassadors of Pakistan and Turkey, stationed in the Gulf nation.

This was the ninth time that Pakistan Navy took over the command of this task force, which conducts counter-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia and the Horn of Africa. The command of the task forc was previously held by Turkish Navy.

According to the spokesperson of Pakistan Navy, Commodore Abdul Muneeb has been appointed as the new commander of the task force. He said the Pakistan Navy would continue to work with the navies of other countries for peace and stability in the region. The CTF-151 is a multinational naval task force, set up in 2009, and it performs its duties under the supervision of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF).

The task force ensures maritime security and countering operations against terrorism and piracy at sea. It is also responsible for building capacity and improving relevant capabilities in order to protect global maritime commerce and secure freedom of navigation. The task force operates in conjunction with the European Union’s Operation Atlanta and NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield.

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