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Maya Ali talk about women in Pakistani Dramas


Maya Ali says that Pakistani dramas now show ‘women should be strong instead of weak’.

In an interview, Maya Ali said that “If an actor or actress has a drama going on. People who have nothing to do with an acting comment on it.”

Maya Ali

Maya Ali says: “I’m not saying people shouldn’t criticize, but it’s better if we learn something from that criticism and have a chance to improve ourselves,” she also said. Some people use nice words on social media but most use words that go straight to the heart.

Maya said that “people should not make their decision before hearing the story.”

Maya Ali
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Maya Ali is one of the few Pakistani actresses to have made her mark on TV as well as movies. The actress, who starred in ‘Tifa In Trouble’ in 2018 and ‘paray hatt Love’ in 2019, is currently busy shooting for Shoaib Mansoor’s new film.

Pehli si Mohabbat

Maya Ali said that she never said goodbye to TV. In fact, TV is her ‘first love’ and that is probably why she is backing less on TV through her iDream drama ‘Pehli si Mohabbat’.

She thinks that the weak and oppressed woman is portrayed in TV dramas here, in fact, she is much stronger and stronger than that.

Giving her example, she says, “My mother, who is a role model for me, is a very strong woman. My aunt and the women around me are not weak either. But in our dramas, such a woman is probably not shown because people like to see a woman crying.

Maya ALi

Maya added, “People don’t like dramas in which women don’t cry.”

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