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We have unmasked India umpteen times, we have told the international community about the terrorist activities which India has been engaging against us through different means from time to time without any abetment. Although the adversary’s principle objective is axiomatic, yet its identity and tactics are not clear. When Pakistan successfully shields its fault lines, the enemy creates another. In this kind of war, nation’s morale is hurt, nation’s narrative is impaired and sensitivities are injured. Such methods of war work like a poison and result in losses of all interests of the target nation.   Now, from the diplomatic perspective, amid all the turbulence one aspect that has retained the stamp of permanence has been its unrelenting hostility towards Pakistan and its tasteful desire to form a trouble across the western border.

The image able conclusion that can be drawn is the ill will of India for Pakistan, especially of the Bharatiya Janata Party not being transformed into a good will, not possible until India is under Narendra Modi, whenever India can generate throes for us it has done so and continued to do so.

The situation is very problematic and India definitely will not stop its black aims in Pakistan in fact they will try more adventurous and tricks therefore we have to think what strategy should be. Let’s talk about another player in the region, everything is transpired in United States there is change of guard and new secretary has been picked by Joe Biden, there is sense in Pakistan that the new administration could be a little frank towards Pakistan and that could lead to some adventurism in India held Kashmir, there is degree of positive expectation that the Biden administration might be frank with us than Trump was in the beginning, whether it is Biden administration or Trump’s US will go by what they see as American interest on that particular day.

Shafi Ahmed Khowaja

Jati Sujawal

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