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Zulfi Bukhari prepares to return to Pakistan after three weeks in London


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Tourism Zulfi Bukhari is set to return to the country after a three-week sojourn in London.

There was speculation in some sections of the media that Bukhari has “left” Pakistan and will not be returning to the country but The News has learnt that the prime minister’s aide was in London to be with his family.

“There was an urgent family commitment and Zulfi Bukhari had to attend that. It was a purely family matter and his presence in London was of most importance,” a source said, adding that Zulfi will be flying out to Pakistan and will be in his office on Tuesday.

The source said that Zulfi will be back in Pakistan and all speculations and fake news will be dusted. The source said that speculation about Zulfi was spread to target him maliciously and some sections of the media have been doing that for a long time.

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The Pakistan High Commission confirmed that Zulfi Bukhari held meetings with the community organisations here during his stay in London where he met community groups and listened to their problems.

The source said that Zulfi’s wife and kids were living with him in Islamabad but had to return to London a few months ago, adding that Bukhari also met a few businessmen from the Middle East in London who were interested in investing in Pakistan.

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