PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb addressing a press conference in Lahore, on October 04, 2020. — Geo News screengrab

LAHORE: PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday said political revolution in the country would be possible only through the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

Addressing a press conference, Aurangzeb said that the PML-N has never been as united and powerful in history as it is today and that the government built a “false narrative of accountability” from 2018-2020.

“The NAB-Niazi nexus has been exposed,” the PML-N spokesperson said, adding that when the government could not find anything on the Opposition leaders, it initiated “conspiracies of treason”.

Aurangzeb alleged that the federal cabinet meetings are held to determine who the next “target” will be. “The government is filling the pockets of the mafia instead of the people.”

The PML-N leader, lamenting over the surging inflation, said that the price of vegetables had increased up to 45% and that it had hiked due to the government’s “incompetence”.

“The incumbent government is corrupt that is why it has bowed down before the sugar and wheat mafia,” she said, adding: “According to the Bureau of Statistics, there is no item whose price has not increased.”

Aurangzeb said that a “false conspiracy” was hatched against Shehbaz Sharif through an article and that the Chinese and UK government had “rejected the claims against him”.

“PML-N leaders are being silenced because they speak against the surging inflation,” she said, adding that the joint Opposition would send the government home.

“We aren’t afraid of the accusations of treason […] Pakistanis are aware of who developed the country,” Aurangzeb said.

“The projects that the PML-N had initiated, the PTI is inaugurating them with their plaques, however, they are unable to run those projects,” she said.

“First on the container, and now by becoming the prime minister you [Imran Khan] are damaging the country,” she said.

“Shehbaz started four metros, you can’t even operate one […] At the end of PML-N’s tenure, terrorism had reduced by 92%,” she said.

“Today, Pakistan is being represented by those who have nothing to do with the country,” Aurangzeb said.

Separately, PML-N Punjab spokesperson Uzma Bukhari, addressing a press conference, said that the PTI could not bear the “growing popularity of Maryam Nawaz”.

“Pakistan’s youth considers Maryam as one of their favourite leaders,” she said.


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