Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the interior ministry to expedite the tabling of an anti-torture bill. Photo: file

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that he had spoken to the interior ministry about expediting the tabling of the anti-torture bill in the National Assembly, adding that torture was “unacceptable in a civilised democratic society”.

Taking to Twitter, the premier criticised the practice of torturing, stating that it “goes against the spirit of Islam, our constitution & our international legal commitments”.

“I have asked Interior Ministry to expedite tabling our anti torture bill in National Assembly. Torture is unacceptable in a civilised democratic society & goes against the spirit of Islam, our constitution & our international legal commitment,” he tweeted.

In January this year, the Ministry of Human Rights said it would present a bill against torture.

Dr. Shireen Mazari had expressed the federal government’s commitment to make the police citizen-centric and gender sensitive by resolving legislative, infrastructural and attitudinal challenges of the police.

She had also committed to depoliticize the police by introducing a merit-based system and a modern police law replacing 157 years old colonial law of 1861.

The human rights minister had endorsed the fact that the police was an under-resourced institution and it needed to be equipped with all the required facilities and training to deal with victims or survivors of violence in an effective manner.


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