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Yasir Hussain Missing his Bakra


The Famous actor and host of Pakistan showbiz industry Yasir Hussain started missing his Bakra on the second day of Eid.

Actor and host Yasir Hussain had sacrificed a goat on this Eid. Less than two days after Eid. He started missing his goat, for which the actor has released a loving message on social media.

Actor Yasir Hussain has shared a photo with his goat on the photo and video sharing app Instagram.

In the photo, Yasir Hussain is holding the horn of his goat with one hand while the other hand is also placed on the goat.

In the caption with the photo shared on Instagram, the actor wrote, “This was a very cute and cheerful goat. I stayed with him one day. One day he befriended the janitor in front of our house.” ‘

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