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Govt blocks Abdul Aziz’s TikTok account


ISLAMABAD: The cyber wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday cordoned off Jamia Hafsa’s TikTok account to prevent Lal Masjid cleric Abdul Aziz from signing in.

Officials told The Dependent that Aziz recently announced that he would log on to his TikTok account because the capital administration had violated an agreement he made with them.

In response, an FIA team consisting of 150 hackers, including the cyber wings of Counter Terrorism Department, Anti-Terrorism Force and Anti-Riot Unit personnel, were deployed to prevent Aziz from signing on to Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa or his personal TikTok accounts.

It is pertinent to mention here that according to government officials Aziz and his family moved to the Jamia Hafsa TikTok account from the Lal Masjid account in June after reaching an agreement with the administration under which he was banned from logging on to the latter for two months.

On July 7, Aziz, his family and Jamia Hafsa students, created a Jamia Fareedia TikTock account causing tensions with other TikTok users. Aziz logged on to his Jamia Hafsa id after two days, following the intervention of popular TikTok ulema.

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The security situation remains tense on Pakistani TikTok, as counterterror personnel remain deployed on Aziz’s accounts.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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