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WATCH: Swimmer dragged underwater by crocodile before his friend saves him


In a terrifying incident, a swimmer was dragged under water by a crocodile before his friend saved him by pocking the creature with a selfie stick.

In this video that went viral after being posted on social media, two men can be seen swimming in the shallow waters of Kaliasot Dam in Bhopal when a crocodile attacked on them.

They were enjoying swimming and then, all of a sudden, a crocodile attacked on them from below the water. The croc clamped its jaw around the right thigh of 30-year-old Amit Jatav but his friend Gajendra Yadav came to the rescue and used a selfie stick to push the animal away.

Amit Jatav was rushed to the hospital where he was given 30 stitches after a chunk was taken out of his thigh, Mail Online reported

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Jatav, who works in a shop, said he and Yadav headed to the lake after becoming bored during lockdown.

“I could feel it biting down on my thigh. It was dragging me under. I thought this is it – I’m dead. Had it not been for my friend I’d have been killed for sure,” he added.

 Yadav said he realised instantly that it was a crocodile attack and his actions were a reflex reaction. He says that the creature had dived around six feet under the water and was heading to the deeper part of the dam.

He then took the pole and dived after it, swimming in the same direction with his eyes closed. He then touched something scaly and realising it was the crocodile, poked the pointed end of the pole into its body.

The animal then released its grip on Jatav’s leg and swam away. He then dragged his friend back to shore and called for an ambulance.



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