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Top 10 Intelligence Agencies In The World, 2017

Top 10 Intelligence Agencies
Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in World @ International Business Times United Kingdom

Intelligence agencies are very important asset for any country? Intelligence agencies performs massive role in securing and neutralizing any internal or external security threats. The main purpose of any intelligence agency is to keep an eye on every aspect of the country, to get information and to investigate all suspects either internal or external. Intelligence agencies helps military, law enforcement organizations, foreign policy Institutes, national security divisions, and mainly to support the special-forces of the country.

A perfect intelligence is known for his active services; otherwise their country may face security issues, unrest, violence or clashes due to internal and external interventions.

Below are the Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World for year 2017.

10: Mossad – Israel (Established in 1949)

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9: MSS – China (Established in 1949)

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8: ASIS – Australia (Established in 1952)

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7: DGSE – France (Established in 1982)

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6: RAW – India (Established in 1968)

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5: BND – Germany (Established in 1956)

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4: FSB – Russia (Established in 1995)

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3: MI6 – United Kingdom (Established in 1909)

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2: CIA – United States (Established in 1947)

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1: ISI – Pakistan (Established in 1948)

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Rank Intelligence Agency Names Country
1 ISI – Inter-Service Intelligence  Pakistan
2 CIA-Central Intelligence Agency United States
3 M16-Military Intelligence Section 6 United Kingdom
4 FSB-Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation Russia
5 BND- Bundesnachrichtendienst Germany
6 RAW-Research and Analysis Wing India
7 DGSE- Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure France
8 ASIS- Australian Secret Intelligence Service Australia
9 MSS- Ministry of State Security China
10 Mossad-The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation Israel


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