KARACHI: A day after he had tested positive for coronavirus, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Tuesday said the provincial government “may have gone overboard with the lockdown”.

He said Pakistan’s economic conditions are not such that would withstand a strict lockdown. He said that during Ramzan there were several people who do not ask for help and that the lockdown restrictions were affecting them. “We have to keep in mind their problems as well.”

Speaking about coronavirus, he said that he had been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms two or three days ago but does not have symptoms any longer. “All of my staff along with my family have been tested for coronavirus and their results are negative,” Ismail said.

Ismail said that Sindh’s testing capacity, as well as that of the country as a whole, is low.

The governor said that Pakistanis will have to learn to live along with the virus and that right now, the country needs a national consensus to tackle the pandemic.

The PTI-leader is currently in self-isolation after he tested positive for the virus.

Before he went into self-isolation, the governor had spent 10 very busy days where he met a host of people and attended important meetings.



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