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These LUMS kids have developed an AI app that doesn’t manage to detect COVID-19 from x-rays

Tech Disrupt! A new startup founded by students at the Lahore University of Management Sciences used Artificial Intelligence to be unsuccessful at managing to detect the COVID-19 virus from just a patient’s x-rays.

“What we’re basically doing it that we’re training our model on lots of images of x-rays of patients without COVID-19 and patients with COVID-19 and it will perform some deep learning and teach itself to spot the virus from images of x-rays,” said Rafay Hassan, founder of covAId-19.

“It doesn’t work, of course, but we’re trying to fix it,” continued Rafay, whose team might have the very limited coding ability but has next to no mathematical and statistical acuity. “We will be so much better at it, once we take CS 403 Machine Vision but we can’t take it because none of us have been able to clear the pre-requisite math course units.”

“Actually, we’re business majors and don’t know any of the science stuff, but I think we’ve done well in creating a buzz around this,” he said.

covAId-19 has already secured funding worth Rs 50 million rupees in seed funding.

“Yeah, I know it doesn’t work,” said Dr. Sagheer Ahmed of the Punjab Government’s Plan 9 incubation center. “I play golf with his father.”

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