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Lahore has highest number of COVID-19 cases in Punjab: Dr Yasmin Rashid

Provincial Minister for Health Dr Yasmin Rashid has said that Lahore in the most trouble as it is the city with the highest number of coronavirus cases in Punjab, while the situation in South Punjab is relatively less severe so far.

Speaking on a local news channel in the provincial capital on Thursday, the minister said that patients in Mayo Hospital are being treated using Hydroxychloroquine while younger patients are recovering in greater numbers because of stronger immune systems.

She expressed satisfaction on the effectiveness of lockdown in the province saying that it was imposed in time and helped curb the spread of the virus but noted that the situation in Pakistan was, thankfully, under control.

Shedding light on the number of cases in the province, she said that Lahore has reported the most cases while Gujranwala also has a high number of cases and Gujrat has 98 cases. Out of all reported cases, 1430 are either pilgrims from Iran or belong to Tableeghi Jamat.

Talking about whether plasma of recovered patients could be helpful in a treatment, Dr Yasmin said that plasma is drawn from patients after they test negative for the virus and it could prove to be most useful for patients in critical condition.

“The government is working on using plasma systematically and is compiling a list of the recovered patients,” she told.

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