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Maya Ali Brother Wedding Photos


Dance video of leading actress Maya Ali and actor Shahriar Manawar also went viral on social media.

These days, however the wedding ceremony of the brother of Maya Ali, a prominent actress from Pakistan showbiz industry, has been going on. However, Video and photos have gone viral on social media.

There is also a video of Maya and Shahriar Manawar’s dance, this video of Maya Ali’s brother Barat.

In this video, Maya alone dances on stage first and then invites Shahriar Manwar to come on stage after which the two dance.

Maya, on the other hand, shared her dance video on Instagram on social networking site Instagram.

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Maya also shared photos of her brother Qawwali Knight and Mai’s ceremony on Instagram.

The actress also wore a mehndi-colored shirt Shalwar in her brother’s beards and with it she took a knotted dupatta.

Here the Photos:

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