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Electric Cars – A Sneak Peak in the Near Future

Electric Cars in Near Future

Electric cars as we all know is an automobile that is based on the concept of using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Although the concept of these cars is almost a decade old.  The first practical car was produced in the 18th century, still, even after two decades, they have not been accepted by the market.

The concept of these cars favors both users and manufacturers.

These cars ensure that almost everybody can afford them.  These are rechargeable and electricity is cheaper than gas.  These will eventually lead to a cheaper alternative for the consumers. As these cars do not involve the complex engines like other cars.  These cars are cheaper to make therefore less expensive.  And this also cut down the maintenance cost of them.

Quiet and Smooth

Apart from this, these are nothing like your normal car, and they are way too quiet. If you live next to heavy traffic flow roads or if you have simply driven in rush hours of the day, you know how noisy it can be with our regular cars.

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In fact, these are so quiet that it has been proposed by many people to install noise-making devices to alert the pedestrians nearby.

Environmental friendly

“Apart from all the benefits, these cars promise the most important one feature is that these are environmentally friendly.”

These are not gas powered they make a huge contribution to the greenhouse gas buildup.  In addition to this, these do does not even have exhaust system which just means zero-emission hence a cleaner environment.

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Tesla has been ahead in the market of electric cars.  These were the very first to introduce these cars. Tesla Model X priced starting at $ 80 700.  And Tesla Model S starting at $ 69 200 took the market by storm is the first practical cars available for customers after such a long time.  But as initial investment was quite huge, therefore it did not made a tremendous impact on the market. As per the current news, it has been notified that many competitors are finally starting to give competition. Major market competitors including Audi Volkswagen Mercedes are planning to launch their electric cars by 2010.

There is still a lot of work left in the market. That’s the reason people are still reluctant to switch to these cars. These include fewer choices as the majority of the manufacturers are still not sure about investing in this technology. The most important and major issue which an owner of an electric car will face at the moment will be less charging station available in the market. These electric cars might be the future of the world.  But as with every technology, it expects that even this technology will have its downtime. The most important questions now are what it will be the next big change the world can see? And what will be the future of conventional cars?

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