Ayesha Gulalai left PTI

Ayesha Gulalai MNA on reserve seat, left PTI and posed some serious immoral allegations on PTI and Imran Khan during her press conference Today. Ayesha Gulalai claimed in her press conference that PTI environment isn’t conducive for women to work as Politicians. She claimed that she has been receiving some immoral messages from PTI chaiman Imran Khan in 2003. She also posed some serious allegations on Pervaiz Khatak and Jahangir Tareen.

As per sources Ayesha Gulalai met Ameer Muqam 4 days ago where she was proposed a huge money to stage a press conference and speak against Imran Khan.

Ayesha Gulalai took 50 Karores
As per Arif Nizami @AyeshaGullai was given 500 Million to speak against IK.

She visited Bani Gala to meet IK with a delegation with her to get confirmation of her ticket for NA-1, she also complained that why she was not provided an opportunity to speak in Yome Tashakar Jalsa. Kamran Shahid was an eye witnessed when Ayesha Gulalai visited Bani Gala….

As per sources; IK was little harsh on her that why she is not active and attending Parliament. He was unhappy on her meeting with Ameer Muqam 4 days ago.
IK also declined her request to confirm ticket for NA-1 because it has to be decided by Parliamentary Committee in PTI.

Media anchors and journalists have raised some serious questions on Ayesha Gulalai’s press conference.

As per Hamid Mir….

Mooed Peerzada indicating about the Plot…

What Imran Khan (Anchor) has to say on this…

Syed Talat Hussain with Geo, says…..

What Naeem Bukhari has to say on this….who has recently won a case against PML-N due to which Nawaz Shareef was disqualified….

PTI women wing have also staged a press conference to reply Ayesha Gullai’s allegations on PTI and IK…

As per common people, it was a plot facilitated by PML-N because PML-N is looking for some dirty options to stop IK and PTI. They believe that there was no sense in Ayesha Gulalai’s presser because she accuses Imran Khan about western culture but her own sister is playing squash and she used to wear western outfit.

They also say that if she had observed any harassment or immoral activities in 2003 then why she was quiet till 2017?

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