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India Loses the Final Again but this time TV’s were not broken in India.

India Loses again
India loses by 9 runs in the final of WWC2017. #WWC17Final

England women team won the World Cup final in a close fight against India at Lord’s cricket ground. Host England staged a modest target for Indian team to win the world cup very first time but 229 proved to be a tough task for Indian Team.

Indian team fought well and reached to the final of WWC2017, Indian team could have easily chased that target considering the batting lineup and especially with Mithali Raj but they fall short.

Although; Indian team has lost the WWC2017 but their efforts are being appreciated back in India and this is being considered as an indication of strong arrival of women cricket in India.

It is true that Indian team has played well, but eventually they have lost the final.

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Look at Ravindra Jadeja, what he has to say…..

India Loses again
Sadqy Jaon but ICC Champion Trophy 2017 ka Final bhool gai ho kia?

Again, he said that they are still proud of being runner-up 🙂

India loses again
ICC Champion Trophy 2017 me bhi to Runner-up thy, bht TV tooty.

What does Tavindra Jadeja Means?

India Loses again
Pagal ho gai ho kia? Sarah Taylor as MS Dhoni……. 🙂

Virender Sehvag says; girls ko chase passand ha…

India Loses again
Really! Indian Boys ko bhi chase pasand tha but….

What about these guys….

India loses again
Pakistan thrashed Indian in Champion Trophy 2017 Final by 180 runs.

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