Disgrace for Pakistan

Mr. Nawaz Shareef the king of corruption is the head of (PML-N) Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz and he was elected as PM of Pakistan for 3 times, and 2 times he was thrown away from his seat because of corruption and other charges. His brother Mr. Shahbaz Shareef is the CM in Punjab and has already ruled Punjab for couple of times but still they are the only family that is responsible for bringing shame and disgrace for Pakistan .

Disgrace for Pakistan - The Shareef Family
Kings of Democratic Pakistan – The Shareef Family 

Shareef family is the winner so far in utilizing their influence to build their business and gathering wealth outside the country. Nawaz and family is mainly settled in UK; where two of his innocent sons are living a simple life in a luxurious palace type apartment.

If we talk about Mr. Shahbaz Shareef and family, they have made great success as well but their wealth sources are mainly in Pakistan although both Mr. Nawaz and Shahbaz have build their business empires through corruption. Mr. Shahbaz Shareef and his family has monopolized the Dairy industry in Pakistan from many years.

Disgrace for Pakistan
The Kings of Punjab and Dairy Industry in Pakistan – The Shareef Family

It is very interesting and somewhat successful political trait that a major portion of the voters in Pakistan knew that how Shareef family has gathered their wealth but still Shareef family can win elections by definite margins.

A major potion of the Shareef family voters is illiterate; a some portion of these voters are well educated, they know that Shareef family is corrupt but still they vote and support Shareef family.

In Pakistan this portion of voters are called as “Patwari”.

Disgrace for Pakistan
PML-N voters are welcoming Maryam Nawaz Shareef even after Panama Scandal

Although their is another family that isn’t far behind in corruption and looting Pakistan through their influence in Govt but Shareef family is the only political family that has become disgrace for Pakistan at international level.

Here are the 10 reasons that why Nawaz Shareef and his family is becoming disgrace for Pakistan.

1- The very first time when Shareef family became the reason of disgrace for Pakistan was BBC documentary on Nawaz Shareef’s money laundering efforts. International community in many countries was not aware of this tremendous fact that a PM of a country has gathered funds from common people of Pakistan to get rid of international debt and despite with the help of his finance minister he moved all that money to his offshore accounts in different countries and Panama was one of them.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that International Media makes documentaries on our political leaders that how to launder the public money”

2- Nawaz Shareef and his party has been blaming their opponents for their affiliations with Military Dictators although Nawaz Shareef himself was introduced in politics by a Military Dictator Mr. Zia-ul-Haq.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our leaders feel proud when they speak a lie.”

3- Every single time PML-N has won elections and Nawaz Shareef family came into power, they were allegated for misusing the electoral system and rigged election because Shareef family is best when it comes to politics, they know the art of winning elections in Pakistan. They know that a major portion of their voters is illiterate and also they know how to use money and other influences to appoint likable people in relevant institutions.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our leaders are in forefront to abuse the system for the sake of power.”

4- One of the major disgrace for Pakistan is their policy of running the economy on foreign debts. Every time PML-N came into power, per ca-pita loan was all time high. Currently every Pakistani is supposed to pay around PKR 95,000.00 for foreign loans that Nawaz Shareef and his govt has borrowed from IMF and other countries.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our Govt is incapable to run the economy and borrow loans for their lavish way of ruling.”

5- In 90’s Pakistani rupee against dollar was around (RS24-RS30=$1); in Musharraf’s time it was around (RS58-RS62=$1); in PPP (Asif Zardari’s) time it was around (RS79-RS84=$1) and currently it is around (RS102-RS107=$1) so despite of all their claims and slogans Pakistani economy is going worse rapidly.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that we need more than 100 rupees to buy something of worth $1.”

6- The most amazing fact about Shareef family and PML-N govt is that when they are in power all govt organizations fell into loses but their own business starts flourishing at double rate. Take an example of Karachi Steel Mills, KSM is one of the biggest and was profitable company in Pakistan but now KSM is unable to pay the salaries of their labors even. PIA is all time low since it was established; there was a time when PIA was a leader in whole Asia and Muslim world, many well-known Airlines were started and pioneered by PIA but recently PIA has cancelled its flights for USA.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that people in Pakistan join politics to make money”

7- Panama papers were leaked few years ago; Nawaz Shareef and his family was listed in most corrupt political elites around the world having hidden wealth in their offshore accounts mainly funded by money laundering and other black money methods.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our political leaders were listed among the corrupt political elites in entire world.”

8- Due to Panama scandal, one of the biggest opposition party in Pakistan protested and asked Nawaz Shareef to resign. Instead of resigning from his post, he started to malign the establishment, tired to fool the parliament and common people that Panama was an international plot against him. Instead of providing his source and trail of wealth he started bashing the opposition parties, establishment and judiciary.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our Head of State refuses to resign even after proven guilty and still we claim to be a democracy”

9- Apart from corruption, Nawaz Shareef and his family has a history of friendly relations with India. Many a times Nawaz Shareef including PML-N had hard times with Armed Forces and Establishment. In 1999, Pakistan Army was in control of Siachin but Nawaz Shareef signed a truce with Indian PM without consulting Army Chief. Recently Shareef family tried to support Indian narrative and they were involved in publishing this narrative in a local news paper. So Shareef family was named a national security risk by the opposition parties and asked for free and fair trial but somehow they were able to settle this issue by offering a scapegoat. Even though when Army Chief signed the orders to hangup an Indian Spy; Shareef Family was putting their efforts to stop it, they met an Indian business tycoon in Murree where it was suggested to bring this issue in International court.

“Isn’t it a disgrace for Pakistan that our political leaders are helping our enemies and get funds from them to run their political campaigns”

10- There is no bigger disgrace for a nation when a Head of state is thrown away for corruption charges when he isn’t ready to resign even after proven guilty. Mr. Nawaz Shareef was proven guilty by Panama Investigation Team and Supreme Court issued orders to cancel his membership of National Assembly and banned him for any political activity for life time. Initially he and his party was happy that Supreme Court is going to decide on Panama issue but after decision they started a campaign against Judiciary and Establishment which was highly unsuccessful in terms of political show. Since 2013, Pakistan has faced many disgraceful events due to Nawaz Shareef and his family.

It is an open fact that Nawaz Shareef and his family is using Pakistan as money making mill where they can enjoy the taste of kingdom-ship and also they can collect money for their lavish living in European countries. It is high time for all the Pakistanis to think about Pakistan and its future generation because such political families will make this country their own kingdom by hijacking the immature democratic system.

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