Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Resignation

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan is going to address a press conference on Monday 23, 2017. As per media sources, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan is unhappy with PM Nawaz Shareef over confrontation against the Institutions and also he may resign if Khawja Asif or Ahsan Iqbal will be promoted as new PM.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has been issued blue passport indicating that he is going to resign and he may fly to US. As per sources; Ch. Nisar Ali khan is angry on few allegations that PML-N ministers and new folks have pointed about his role in conspiracy against PML-N govt.

After JIT investigation report, PML-N is divided on whether PM Nawaz Shareef should resign or continue as the PM. Ch. Nisar and his allies have suggested PM to step down and not to engage in any confrontation with Judiciary and Establishment since Nawaz Shareef and his family has been proven guilty on money laundering.

Ch. nisar resignation on panama
Ch. Nisar Ali Khan suggested PM Nawaz Shareef to step down because he isn’t in the favour of confrontation! #PANAMA

A large number of PML-N MNA’s, Ministers and new folks are suggesting PM Nawaz Shareef not to resign and confront with full force. Their are rumors that PM Nawaz Shareef is likely to confront in this situation but he may resign and appoint Khawja Asif as the new PM. Since Khawja Asif has guilty background regarding Army and also due to personal differences with Ch. Nisar Ali Khan; he willn’t be welcomed by Ch. Nisar Ali Khan group.

There are rumors that Ch. Nisar Ali khan may join PTI in few months after leaving PML-N. As per sources; Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has recently rejected these rumors by saying that he isn’t going to leave PML-N but he has strong reservations on Panama proceedings and the way new folks have brought PML-N into this situation.

Recently, CM Punjab M. Shahbaz Shareef and Khawja Saad Rafiq met Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to resolve his reservations over Panama issue and new PM nomination but he was firm on his reservations. Later on as per Media sources; CM Punjab M. Shahbaz Shareef tried to contact Ch. Nisar Ali Khan but he declined to speak further.

There are reasons and expected circumstances that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan is unhappy and want to clear his position before final verdict on Panama case.


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