PM Nawaz Shareef will be arrested?

After JIT report on Panama case it is appeared that PM Nawaz Shareef and his family is failed to provide enough evidence to prove their money trail about the properties they possess in Pakistan and in other countries.

During continuous hearing after JIT report, lawyers of PM Nawaz Shareef and his family were unable to justify a single allegation by JIT investigation team.

Opposition Leader, Khurshid Shah told PM Nawaz Shareef to step down before SC decision on the panama case.

Before and after JIT investigation, SC judges have given hard remarks against the PM Nawaz Shareef and his family, which tells the temperature of this case.

PM can be sent home on Panama case
Former PM Yousaf Raza Gillani was sent home by SC on Switzerland Money Laundering Case.

The judges also compared PM Nawaz Shareef and his family with Godfather and corruption mafia. 

Supreme Court is about to announce decision on Panama case; in the mean time TV anchors, Politicians and Political Analyst are predicting that what possible decision it could be.

Most of them are clear that it will be against PM Nawaz Shareef and his family but everyone has his own view.

1- One view is that PM Nawaz Shareef can be arrested for looting public money and providing forge documents as evidence to prove his money trail.

2- There is a view that since PM Nawaz Shareef has spoken lie in Parliament, JIT and even in Supreme Court, so he can be disqualified and supreme court can order to open a reference in NAB.

3- The 3rd view is that since supreme court cannot sent an active PM to jail and also supreme court may not disqualify PM Nawaz Shareef. Supreme court can give a decision that PM Nawaz Shareef and his family was unable to justify their money trail so NAB should further investigate on this.

But in the current scenario, things are becoming tough for PM Nawaz Shareef and PML-N because SECP chairman Zafar Hijazi has been arrested for tempering the records for Shareef family and also there is a conflict that who is going to be new Prime Minister.

Interior Minister Ch. Nisar has clear reservations on PML-N confrontation strategy against the Army and Supreme Court on Panama issue, he also unhappy that he is not being considered for the new PM. Ch. Nisar will be addressing a press conference on Monday 23, 2017 where he can declare about the resignation and his future planning about political career.

 In both cases if PM Nawa Shareef resigns or still remain as PM, one things is for sure that it will damage PML-N party and its vote bank because conflicts will go further and tag of corruption on Shareef Family will be a big reason that PML-N will have to lose in 2018 general elections.

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