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Top Reasons why PayPal should be in Pakistan, is it Coming?

Why PayPal should be in Pakistan
PayPal is considered one of the major online payment system operating world wide. Founded in 1998, United States

In Pakistan, the trend of freelancing is increasing day by day. The people of Pakistan are switching their jobs to freelancing. Due to this increasing trend here in Pakistan, a large community of freelancers has been developed. The primary reason for this growing trend is that people are getting aware of the benefit of freelancing services. They are starting to understand the advantages of freelancing from all aspects either these aspects belong socially or economically. This trend is increasing among all the age groups either person is a student of professional, by seeking useful skills just according to their interest, people step into this field and grabbing projects for work, from all over the world.

This situation in which people are catching projects and tenders from all over the world, a major issue that freelancing community is having is less and inconvenient modes of payments.

What will be the suitable mode of payment for the freelancers? To solve this problem many solutions are developed at international level which provide the functionality of secured online transfer of money i.e. Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill etc.

There are news that Pakistan Minister for State for Telecom and IT has invited PayPal to Pakistan.

PayPal is one of them and widely used, but due to some unethical issues, this mode of payment is still not available in Pakistan. Due to which freelancers all over the Pakistanis are inconvenient in getting their payments. They use different methods of money transfer.

Why PayPal should be in Pakistan
What about Amazon? Does it deliver in Pakistan?
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Here are the Top reasons that why PayPal should be in Pakistan.

  • Secure Transfer of Payments:

PayPal provides the most secure way for the transfer of payments, as it has a digital wallet functionality, so it has strong security algorithm feature which makes the transfer secure.

  • Easy in Use:

PayPal is too user-friendly, a freelancer just require to make an account on it, verify and get a card, this flexible feature makes the dealings easier with the client.

  • Used in All Over the World:

PayPal is frequently used for the money transfer in all over the world, but still not available in Pakistan. Whenever the clients of other states gives the project, they ask about PayPal account of freelancer for the money transfer, since PayPal is not available in Pakistan so Pakistani freelancers lose good business projects.

Why PayPal should be in Pakistan
Now I agree with this, PayPal is used World over!
  • PayPal as an e-Merchant:

PayPal is widely available and most used service for all online transactions as a check-out option. In Pakistan, there are only few check-out services available, recently Telenor has started providing e-merchant accounts for online transactions. Since world is becoming connected and PayPal is a global e-payment service that should come to Pakistan.

  • PayPal can help our Outsourcing Industry:

Pakistan is being considered as one of the best IT talent in the world. A considerable amount of projects are also outsourced in Pakistan; well-known IT companies has started trusting in our IT talent so they have started outsourcing a number of projects. Even our IT professionals have worked on some Hollywood projects as well. Therefore, a secure mode of payment transfer is essential, because the heavy amount of money transfers does require a secure method, and PayPal is considered one of the best.

  • Secure and Insured Transactions:

PayPal provides with the functionality of complete security, a freelancer with PayPal account can verify all the security measures taken by PayPal to make sure that a single “Penny” can be traced.

  • PayPal can help Economies:

Because PayPal is recognized in all over the world as a prompt and secure online payment method, it will enable the IT industry in Pakistan to add its share in boosting the economy as well as more business and job opportunities.

Why PayPal should be in Pakistan
Come on and what about the corrupt Govt of Pakistan?

Is it Coming?

Anusha Rehman Pakistan’s Minister for State for Telecom and IT, Pakistan has invited PayPal, eBay and Amazon to Pakistan but doesn’t mean that big companies like PayPal will come to any country when invited by the Govt.

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