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Dreamed of becoming a Romantic Lead; says Malik Aqeel

Malik Aqeel Emerging Talent
Brand Shoot for Aljant in 2018

With every coming day, Pakistani Showbiz industry is steering back towards its lost glory with the help of some creative ideas and emerging young talent.

Malik Aqeel is one of such young emergent talent, who started his career in singing in 2015. O Mere Dil Ke Chaen is his best song as he sung it with full heart, he was also awarded with RSF Idol award in 2015.

Soon after his singing career, Aqeel stepped into Film industry and started his big screen career with “Shor Sharaba” in 2016 along with some well-known names from film industry like Adnan Khan, Rabi Pirzada, Meera, and Mustafa Qureshi.

Malik Aqeel with Shor Sharaba Cast Members.
Malik Aqeel with Shor Sharaba Main Cast


In 2018, Aqeel has become a part of a big project “Sherdil” a film by Azfar Jafri.

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The launch ceremony of the Sherdil was held at Islamabad and the cast and crew of the film were present at the event.


Malik Aqeel with Sherdil Cast

“A 40 seconds teaser suggests that it will be centered around Pakistan in 1965.”

The movie is being directed by Azfar Jaffary and produced by Nouman Khan of NK Pictures. Riki Butland is going to serve as the cinematographer for Sherdil. Riki Butland has previously worked as part of the camera department on Furious 7 and Star Trek: Beyond.

Apart from “Sherdil”, Aqeel is also working on another project “Uff ye Saliyan” along with Moamar Rana. Aqeel has also worked in few dramas on PTV, Brand shoots, and TV Commercials.

His recent TV commercial for a Tea Brand (produced by Xanthum Production) was with “Neelam Muneer” a famous actress and model.

Aqeel with Neelam Muneer for a TV Commercial of a Tea Brand
Aqeel with Neelam Muneer for a TV Commercial of a Tea Brand (produced by Xanthum Production)

The main source of my inspiration is my mentor Mr. Kazim Hassan, my current success is due to my journey with Xanthum Production since 2015. Mr. Kazam Hassan is a person with Golden Heart, his guidance has always helped me during my young career in Showbiz Industry.

Says Aqeel….

Mr. Kazim Hassan @ Xanthum Production
Aqeel with Mr. Kazim Hassan – Xanthum Production

Xanthum Production always promote and encourage young talent, Chaiwala & Friends Show (A Dramatize Reality Show) that will be aired soon is also an example by Xanthum Production.

Says Aqeel…..

Chaiwala & Friends Show
Chaiwala & Friends Show by Xanthum Production Produced by Mr. Kazim Hassan Director – Raja Yasir Naveed

“I wanted to be a Romantic Lead when I was a school going kid. Standing in front of a mirror with a thought that one day I will be facing the Camera was a dream come true.” 

Says Aqeel…

Talent, and dedication are the key elements in Aqeel’s character which will ultimately make him a leading artist in Pakistani Showbiz Industry.


Malik Aqeel can be followed at….

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaQ.pk/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/malikaqeelmaq


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