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Law of necessity prevented democracy to prevail in Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif

Law of Necessity-Nawaz Shareef

KARACHI: Denouncing several historical events for dismissing ‘democratic governments’, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said that the “law of necessity” and “Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO)” inflicted immense damages to the democratic process to take roots in the country.

Addressing a seminar titled ‘The Future of Democracy in Pakistan’, Sharif said the courts granted power to authoritarians to amend the constitutions through the PCOs.

Launching into another diatribe against the judiciary, he said a segment of the judiciary has always supported the dictators in the country under the law of necessity.

“No democratic government could complete its tenure except the preceding one,” he lamented.

Recalling martial laws in the country, he said the courts validated the coups on basis of the doctrine of necessity. “The country ruled by dictators for over three decades as not a single elected representative could complete the mandated five-year term,” he deplored.

He alleged that the judiciary paved way for undemocratic mindsets to take control of the state, as what he said, the courts are merely powerful for politicians rather than the dictators.

He went on saying that the politicians were hanged and sent into exile but the authoritarians who breached constitutionals laws never earned the court’s ire.

Calling for tough decisions for future, the ousted premier said it’s the due responsibility of all individuals to play their role for prosperity of democracy.

“People from all walk of lives, teachers, lawyers and media persons share equal responsibility to safeguard the democracy,” he asserted.

He also questioned the courts’ reluctance to give a verdict in the treason case against former president General (retd) Pervaiz Musharaf.

Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as Prime Minister by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its landmark July 28 verdict in the Panamagate case for being not honest to the country under Article 62 of the constitution.

The former premier is on Karachi’s visit for the time after his ouster.

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