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WiFi and People of Thar

Wifi in Thar

WiFi is now a significant necessity in today’s world. Lately, WiFi has been provided to the people living in the villages of Thar. However, the question is “Do the people of Thar have enough cash to spend on these kinds of devices? Another question arises is that “Is WiFi more important than water and food?”

A recent report conducted on Tharpakar by United Nation Observation Mission demonstrated that the districts of Sanghar and Umerkot drop in humanitarian situations and the case in these places have not improved since the last report.

Since many years, headline regarding Thar has been seen many times. A report made by NCHR (National Commission for the Human Rights) showed that in May 2016, 1,380 kids died because of starvation regarding problems in Tharpakar. In 2016, an approximate of 329 kids died. Moreover, 670 died in 2015 and in 2014, 381 kids died of poor nutrition, famine, and under nutrition in the year 2014.

People of THAR – Sindh, Pakistan

Furthermore, the report demonstrated that roof of this crisis is the lack of food. An estimate of 76 percent population of Thar has no food supplies at their home. Because of the droughts, tons of livestock died in the cataclysm too.

People of the Thar depend on the livestock of millet for the livelihood. However, because of the lack of rainfall in the year 2016, the production and livestock of cereal grass are at risk. From the year 2012, poor rainfall has become even worse. There is no green land and grass for the livestock to feed and the wells have now dried up.

Thar – Sindh, Life without Food and Water
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WHO (World Health Organization) stated that the GAM (Global Acute Malnutrition) rate among women and children is up to 15 percent, it is said to be seen as a crisis.

According to a National Nutrition Survey held in 2011, long-term under nutrition was nearly 45.0 percent and overall GAM rate of the Thar was about 22.7 percent. The whole GAM rate of the Sindh was 17.5 percent. Thus, the case went comparatively unnoticed until the year 2016 when the Sindh health officials informed about the deaths of 143 kids because of under nutrition in 5 months in the health report.

Qaim Ali Shah, chief minister of the Sindh, didn’t take the issue seriously in the year 2014. Actually, he made an unsympathetic statement regarding the deaths of the kids in Thar. He said that the deaths were caused mainly because of maternity issues instead of hunger.

Qaim Ali Shah’s failure to talk about the problems encouraged Asif Ali Zardari to replace him. Murad Ali Shah became the chief minister of Sindh in the year 2016. However, there aren’t many improvements seen since he became the chief minister.

People of Thar need clean water and food. They need more methods to expand their agriculture and maintain a livestock in the drought. They don’t require only a WiFi and a few mineral water bottles. All they need is a place where they have the facilities.


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